November 16, 2015


Enecto WL: Frequently asked questions

Why are the number if web leads different from the number of visits in my Google Analytics account?

  • In the same manner as phone number can be hidden, the origin of web visits be difficult to connect to a company.
  • There are hundreds of thousands of internet service providers (ISPs) and there are no strict rules how they must register a customer. The result is a haystack with small pieces of information.
  • This results in that only a percentage of the visits can be tracked to a company. The percentage differs between countries and branches but as a rule of thumb, sites targeting Business-to-Business (B2B) customers have a higher percentage than Business-to-Consumer (B2C) sites.
  • Typically for a B2B site in Scandinavia is a hit rate 20% and 30%. (We filter away 70-80% of the web traffic.)
  • But, in the end it is not the gravel that is of interest for someone that is panning for gold, it is the small prices of gold.

Is this service legal? What about privacy?

  • We do only provide our customers with web leads pointing to a company, not an individual.
    We are not tracking individuals or track their behaviour.
  • Naturally: if a visit has been made from a one-man company this might point out the individual. But we are only using open information based on what was published by the Internet Service Provider, thus not doing something that can be done by anyone.

You are updating Enecto WL a lot. Why?

  • We are a very tech savvy company, focused on building the best systems in the world.
    Therefore we are constantly trying to improve the Enecto systems, sometimes we do several updates every day.

Do I need to install anything?

  • No, if you already are running google Analytics on your website/websites your are all set to go!

What is Google Analytics?

  • Google Analytics (GA) is the worlds most used system for web statistics. It is free of charge and allows companies like Enecto to build services that enhances the GA functionality.

What is Enecto ProspectFinder?

  • Enecto as a company was founded in 2002, being one of the first companies providing Web Lead generation. The system Enecto Prospectfinder is a professional system based on ip traffic analysis using its own tracker script. Enecto Prospect Finder is the “Big Brother” of Enecto Web Leads and provides services like real-time queries for ad systems etc. It is sold through the Enecto Partner Network.

Can Enecto WL be integrated with CRM systems?

  • Yes, there are built in integrations with webCRM and Lime GO. (More crm systems are in the pipeline.)
    Also, we have a integration that allows anyone to pipe the web leads into other CRM systems, Dropbox files etc.

I am a developer, is there an API?

  • We are a strong believer that api:s is the most important part of our future. So, yes, naturally there is an API.
    The APIs are open in all levels of subscription, even the free ones! This is because we understand how development work is done and why you as an developer need a test account to play around with.