Lime CRM now in Beta

Yesterday we added support for the Lime CRM system in Enecto WL. With this, Lime CRM users can get company leads from their own websites. The new connector also supports special mapping of fields and can be found under the Integrations menu. You can try out the integration at Note: There is also a[…]

New API för Enecto Web Leads


This week we added a generic API to Enecto WL, allowing our customers and partners to integrate the web leads into their own systems!

The API uses the same features as our own Report Generator, allowing anyone to build even better and cooler reports or integrations.

Also, the API is free of charge for all users, regardless of account level. This is in line with our strategy of embracing developers any way we can.

You will find the API under the Integrations menu along with code samples at (we are still in non-commercial mode so play around as much as you like)