December 28, 2018

Software Data Compliance

Enecto Lead Generation products are a market leader in business to business sales helping businesses to gain insight into visitors to their website.

Enecto products works on the basis of reverse business IP tracking. Enecto Web Leads is using Google Analytics (GA) as a source of information and ProspectFinder4 uses a small tracking code which is placed on our customers´s website(s) which then enables it to identify and collect the IP address visiting that site. Enecto then matches the GA information or the identified company IP address to our global database of businesses and business information. If we are unable to identify a business it then utilizes a more in depth semi-automatic process to match and enhance the actual business information with complete demographic business information. Once that process is accomplished the business information actual company is added to our database.

The Enecto products is entirely focused on leveraging business related information to effectively match a business´s IP address with wider business data to provide valuable business related information to our customers. Enecto does not identify any personal IP addresses, mobile devices or any other data than that associated with the business.
Since business related data is not applicable under the new GDPR legislation, Enecto products and its various features are not relevant to GDPR.

How we Process Data

The Enecto products provides businesses with the details of businesses that have visited their website based upon business IP tracking. Enecto then matches this data to a database of business points of businesses, presenting this information to its customers as potential business lead. The data is presented to Enecto´s customers as an HTML report or via the system interface. Enecto acts as a data processor in this regard and Enecto is not liable for the onward processing of the data via each customer.

How we Procure Data

At Enecto we procure data in a variety of ways, collected in line with the lawful basis of ‘Legitimate Interests’. The following are ways in which we collect and process data:

  • You have requested information from Enecto on a previous occasion
  • Someone has sent us your e-mail address requesting information about our articles and/or services be sent to you
  • You or someone else has expressly shared your contact details with us for the purpose of receiving information now and/or in the future
  • We have previously met at an event and your business card or contact details were handed to us willingly
  • You or a business colleague has visited our website and we believe that there is a genuine legitimate interest in our services
  • You have previously connected with a member of our team via the LinkedIN and discussed our products
  • A member of our team has found your business and your contact details online, believing that your business would genuinely be interested in the Enecto´s products, based upon your job function aligning with our typical customer profiles they have made contact to introduce you to our product
  • Your data has been purchased by a registered third party data supplier, which will have been segmented by industry, organisation size and job function based upon our typical customer profiles. (Due diligence checks around GDPR compliance will have been conducted accordingly)

Business Data

Although business data is not relevant under GDPR, Enecto is committed to providing a transparent solution so that customers can effectively assess their own compliance. Enecto collects business data via the following methods:

  • Primary research – Enecto has a Swedish based in-house team who gather data relating to companies from publicly available information, using search, search engines and other online tools to research global businesses.
  • Purchase – Enecto purchases company information from a number of selected third party data vendors who are vetted to ensure the quality and validity of the business data provided.

How we Ensure Data Validity and Currency

Enecto has an in-house data verification team who are responsible for ensuring the validity and currency of the data contained within all its Lead Generation products. Enecto takes enhancing and cleansing extremely seriously as this ensures a highly compliant, high calibre solution for all of its customers. The data verifikation team use both manual methods as well as automated multi staged process to ensure the utmost validity and currency of all its data. The team continually update the data within Enecto´s products.

Data Storage and Retention

All Enecto´s Lead Generation data is processed and stored in secure environment in Ireland.

This policy was last reviewed and updated on the 27th December 2018. Policies are periodically reviewed to ensure compliance with the current compliance environment.

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