November 16, 2015

Digital Agency?

The Enecto Web Leads (Enecto WL) system is a game changer when it comes to extracting leads from website traffic. The main innovation is to use Google Analytics instead of relying on script and ip-tracking. With this, the barrier of entry has been reduced to zero: no installation whatsoever is needed if the website is already running Google Analytics. Also, since Enecto WL is a cloud service a typical account takes about 20 seconds to set up. And leads can be generated from past time. So far so good. But what if you are a Digital Agency, helping hundreds of customers with their GA profiles. Or if you have customers that are reluctant to let anyone else have access to their sensitive website traffic data, besides you as a trusted partner and Google.

With Enigma, it is possible to separate the traffic data and the matching of leads into two separate parts, keeping sensitive data private. The Enigma system is basically a full version of Enecto WL, complete with the Reporting Engine and web interface. What is missing is the large database that maps the cryptic Google Analytics information with company data.

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