December 27, 2018

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Statistics show that less than 2% of all visitors to your site actually end up contacting you. The vast majority click around and look for information but do not leave any contact information. This means that you never know who actually visited your site.

By utilizing our Enecto Web Leads, Enecto’s clients are able to connect with their prospective customers via digital communication at every stage of the sales process.

Both Enecto Web Leads is a Lead Generation product and is specially designed to reveal the identify of an anonymous visitor on your website. Put simply, they connect your digital communication with any activity on your website and throughout the sales process. The product have been developed in such a way that they can easily be integrated via our API´s into most CRM systems and/or marketing automation platforms.

We guarantee that by using these tools you will…

  • Identify hidden sales leads you never knew you had
  • Reduces time spent on cold calling
  • Markedly increase your level of sales
  • Increased conversion rate for leads and prospects
  • Supports additional sales to existing customers
  • Increase and monitor the collaboration between the marketing and sales functions of your business

Enecto Web Leads incorporates all the traffic data garnered from your Google Analytics account and turns it into useable sales information while The product utilise a semi-automatic process to enhance the visitor demographic information. We utilize Bisnode company data as the source of the demographic information.

With our Lead Generation product you get in-depth information as to who has visited your website; what they where interested in and how best to make contact with them.

All this information is gathered and delivered to you daily, or weekly depending on your level of service, in an html report. Your administrator can also access the information from the system’s interface. Your reports can be personalized by having your own logo on reports.

Linked to our Lead Generation product Enecto also offers a consulting service, which includes in-depth feasibility studies, best practices and then development of a Lead Management which is right for you.