November 16, 2015


Statistics show that less than 2% of all visitors to your site actually end up contacting you. The vast majority click around and look for information but do not leave any contact information. This means that you never know who actually visited your site.

With the help of ProspectFinder4 you can change that. By simply installing our ’script’ on to your website you will be able collect data on all your website traffic. You will be able to turn an unknown visitor to your website into a lead that can be followed up by one of your sales people.

ProspectFinder4 only tracks a legal entity (ie a company or business) and not an individual person.

With ProspectFinder4 you turn an unknown web visitor into a lead that can be processed by a salesrepr. Complete company information about the visitors is delivered through Dun & Bradstreet. Through use of smart filtering feature you will learn things as which industry they are in, their  geographic location, their turnover, number of employees, and much more. You will also be able to include a system for scoring so you will know who to contact first.

By utilzing Prospective Finder you will be able to….

  • Reduces time spent on cold calling
  • Increased conversion rate for leads and prospects
  • Supports additional sales to existing customers
  • Increase and monitor the collaboration between the marketing and sales functions of your business
  • Track, analyze and then communicate with every potential customer’ visting your website
  • Identify international visitors
  • Integrate into your current CRM or other systems via our API´s


The information is gathered and delivered via mail, daily or weekly as an html report. Your administrator also access the information from the system interface. See below an example of an HTML report.


Adding the ProspectFinder4 to your website is easy. We provide a java script code which you or your web master adds to your website close to the root or to the relevant pages. This takes only a couple of minutes to fulfill.

Once up and running, the script starts to collect traffic of your wesite visitors – even if they haven´t contacted you – enabling you to generate engaged leads to sales you didn´t know you had and maximising your website´s performance.

CRM integrations

ProspectFinder4 is paired with CRM systems. Ready-made solutions for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, LIME CRM, webCRM. In addition to this there are various APIs, as well as a general api via

If you want to know more about how you can increase your sales with the help of ProspectFinder4 you are welcome to contact Robert Leo at 0708-515172 or

“Turning visitors into business”